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Here you used to be able to find working antique radios for sale. Unfortunaltely, I no longer have time to repair antique radios as I spend my time making parts for them now.


Soon, I will be changing this web site to one strictly for displaying and selling the parts I make.


A lot of people still call me to have me fix thier radio for them. If you have a radio you'd like repaired, I suggest you do an Internet search for terms like "vintage radio repair", "radio club", or something similar and include the name of your state with the search terms. That way, you should be able to find someone in your locality who might be able to help you.


If you decide to repair your own radio, follow the link above to my "Antique Radio Parts" page. I probably have some parts you could use. Then check my "Links" page for other resources.


If you would like advice about repairing your old radio, I suggest you go to the "Antique Radio Forum" and ask questions there. There are lots of experts there who are very knowledgable and willing to help.


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