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Generic Knobs with Inscribed Labels

Price: $12.00
SKU Color Label Price Qty.
k103-black-band black BAND SWITCH $12.00
k103-black-tone black TONE $12.00
k103-black-tuning black TUNING $12.00
k103-black-volume black VOLUME $12.00
k103-brown-band brown BAND SWITCH $12.00
k103-brown-tone brown TONE $12.00
k103-brown-tuning brown TUNING $12.00
k103-brown-volume brown VOLUME $12.00

These knobs are identical to the medium size KGen-5 knobs, with the exception that they have labels inscribed on the face. They take a 1/4" shaft and are secured with a set screw. Used by Grunow, Truetone and others.

NOTE: Knobs can be purchased individually, but they won't have the lettering colored in since they wouldn't match your existing knobs. Only the set of four knobs have the lettering colored in.

Dimensions: 1" wide, 9/16" thick, 1/4" hole

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