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Vintage Radios For Sale



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These radios are located about 26 miles north of Detroit, Michigan. If you are in the area, you may make arrangements for pickup to avoid shipping costs. PLEASE read the information below before viewing the radios!

If you have an old radio and are merely wondering what your radio is worth, the Collector's Guide to Antique Radios by John Slusser is a good source of information. It is available from Antique Electronic Supply or Amazon.com. The prices in guidebooks are for working radios in excellent original condition; the price for non-working or refinished radios or radios missing parts in good condition will be about the price or less.

The Renovation Process

As Found:

When I find these orphans, they are usually in pretty sad shape. Even if they look nice and still work, they are not long for this world.

Every old radio has capacitors in it that are failing or about to fail. You might find a beautiful, closet-stored, radio that still works and pay a high price for it because it looks nice, but it's just a matter of time before it fails. Then you will have to pay from $75 - $125+ to have it repaired - If you can find someone who has the knowledge and is willing to do it.

In renovating these radios, I don't just fix what is wrong with them, refinish them, and send them out; I also replace parts that may fail in the near future.

Plastic, Bakelite Cabinets:

If the case of the radio is plastic or Bakelite and has cracks in it, the cracks are glued, filled, and reinforced from the inside with epoxy so that the cabinet is solid again. This usually involves repainting the cabinet then with an appropriate color. Most of the radios I sell don't have cracks in them.

Wood Cabinets:

If it's a wood cabinet, then its condition determines the treatment. Scratches, gouges, scrapes, missing veneer, warped and unglued veneer are dealt with appropriately. A traditional finish is then reapplied. Sometimes it involves totally stripping the finish, but not always. Sometimes the finish just needs to have a light application of stain, then a light coat of lacquer or shellac applied. Varnish or Polyurethane is NEVER applied as these radios were manufactured before these finishes were used. Some wood radios just need cleaning and polishing.

Electronic Renovation:

All the tubes are cleaned and checked and any that are questionable, are replaced with good ones. The filter capacitors that are the source of hum in old radios are replaced by modern electrolytic capacitors that should last 30 or more years. Then all the paper/wax capacitors that also tend to fail are replaced, even though the radio might now play well.


The chassis is thoroughly cleaned. The dial string is checked for wear and treated with rosin to insure that it won't slip. If it shows wear, it's replaced. The tuning capacitor is cleaned and lubricated as well as the dial string pulleys. The volume control is cleaned and lubricated with a special formula cleaner/lube.


The radio is then aligned for the best performance and the dial pointer adjusted to be on the correct station. The case is then refinished if necessary to match the original finish of the vintage radios from that era.

The radio will now play and look as well as it did when it was new.

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