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This CD is not just a container for a PDF file of scanned pages like you find on eBay. Instead. it's set up with a menu that makes navigation easier. The pages have been straightened, cleaned, and optimised for nice clean, clear text. You'll appreciate the extra effort I put into making this CD. I'm sure you'll see the difference in quality if you've purchased CDs of scans from eBay.

This CD is for you if you have an old radio, or a collection of old radios, and want to learn how to fix them. Maybe you just want to get to know more about electronics. If you spend about an hour a day for about two months with this CD, you would be able to complete the whole course of study. You wouldn't be an expert, of course, but you would have a very good grasp of how radios work, what usually fails on them, and how to diagnose and fix them.

This is a complete study course; the subject of which is electronics with a focus on the vacuum-tube radio. The course was used by R.E.T.S. (Radio Electronic Television Schools) in 1961. R.E.T.S. had schools in several locations around the country.

Students would attend school in a classroom and laboratory setting, and take home assignments. During the course, the students would build a 5-tube Superheterodyne radio as they progressed.

This CD contains a scan of the manual used in the course. It's not necessary to have any electronic parts available, nor is it necessary to build a radio as you go along through the lessons.

The lessons start out with a discussion of different types of soldering guns, the proper way to connect wires, proper soldering techniques, etc.. From there, it takes the student through the theory behind the transmission and reception of radio waves, without getting too technical.

Then the student is introduced to the 5-tube (most common) radio. Detectors, vacuum-tubes, and the various stages in the "modern" radio are discussed. It addresses what each stage does, how it functions, what the various components are, and why the particular values are chosen for each component.

After the radio discussion is complete, the lessons discuss troubleshooting and repair, followed by an introduction to Frequency Modulation. (FM).

The following is a list of the chapter titles:

Introduction to Modern Electronics

The CD opens automatically when inserted into the computer and displays a menu. From there, an Adobe PDF file opens with the lessons. Each lesson title is labeled and bookmarked within the PDF so you can easily navigate through them.  Individual pages can be printed if desired.

Vintatge radio parts are available at several places on the Internet at reasonable prices. Best of all, help is available at a multitude of web sites and discussion groups. Many times I’ve been stumped with a particular problem radio, posted a request for advice on a newsgroup, and had an answer within just a few hours.

You will need to have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer and a web browser.  If you don't have the reader installed, you can get it (version 7) from the disc.  Just find the file (Adobe Reader.exe), double-click on it, and it will install the reader on your computer. Or, you could go to and get the reader from there.  You might have to do that if you are using a Macintosh computer.

Thank you for your interest, and if you purchase this item, I hope it meets your needs. If you haven’t already fixed an old radio that hasn’t made a sound in years, you are in for a pleasant surprise. The feeling is pure joy to have a radio come to life after years of non-use.


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